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Customs Assigned Importer Number for Foreign Importers

For Canadian or Foreign Importers who wish to import into the United States, a valid Tax ID # is required to be declared to U.S. Customs for each shipment. This Tax ID # is the basis for U.S. Customs to identify you as the Importer in their system in regards to the ISF Filing, Customs Entry and Customs Bonds related to your shipment.

For importers located in the Unites States, the Tax ID number used would be their business EIN Number, or their Social Security Number. For Foreign Importers a special Customs Assigned Importer Number can be obtained with U.S. Customs which allows you to import goods into the U.S.

The number format of this Customs Assigned Importer Number is:

Customs Assigned Importer Number Format: XXXXXX-XXXXX

If you are a Foreign business or Individual in need of a Customs Assigned Importer Number, please use our Online CAIN Service Form for us to help you obtain your Tax ID number to import and to start your ISF Filing.

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