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Filing your ISF amid Coronavirus Lockdown

With the recent Lockdowns imposed by some of the largest port states in the U.S. such as California and New York, one of the commonly asked questions is can I still import from overseas, and how does the Lockdown affect my usual operations in importing.

Most states derive the term essential business to include transportation, warehousing and distribution which would pertain to the activities of importing so there is no foreseeable change or restriction regarding importing. The only difference may be that importers are no longer able to pick up their goods in person at the warehouse for LCL loose freight goods as they may need to obtain delivery service from a trucker to their warehouse, business location or door to avoid waiting in lines which places people in close proximity to others which is to be avoided.

As each state and warehouse facility has its own unique rules and guidelines, importers is advised to call their local cfs warehouse station when their goods is arrived to the port to confirm pick up rules and procedures for their goods.

Importers still need to keep up with their ISF Filings to US Customs in order for them to do their part in Homeland Security Screening and to avoid any late ISF penalties which is in place. Importers may use the Online Live ISF Form at home to file their ISF to US Customs.

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