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Customs Clearances Services

Trucking & Delivery Services

Customs clearance services are available in the rates listed below, upon completion of the ISF Filing. When goods are imported into the United States, there are two filings required to CBP. First is the ISF Filing (24 hours before loading of vessel), and the second is the Customs Entry Declaration for the clearance of goods and to pay for the import duty/fees to CBP.

Upon completion of your ISF Filing, the ISF confirmation email you receive will also contain the customs clearing agent name and contact who will work with you personally through the Customs Clearance process and until you receive your goods. 

Rates for Customs Clearance Service

Basic Customs Clearance - $125 

Customs Clearance with PGA Declaration - $150


What is PGA?

PGA (Partnered Government Agency) is an additional declaration for certain types of goods to a US gov't agency such as FDA USDA, FWS, DOT, EPA, CPSC if your goods are subject to at time of importation. PGA's will also need to clear your shipment in addition to US Customs. Your clearing agent will help you determine if your good are subject to PGA if you are unsure. 

Rates for Customs Entry Bond (for customs clearance)

$10 for every extra 10K in value (min $75)

Customs Import Duty and Fees to CBP

Customs duties and fees payable to CBP is determined by the product HTS Code, and is usually a percentage of the invoice value of the goods, or by weight depending on the product. The import customs duties and fees payable to CBP will be calculated by your customs clearing agent for your review prior to submission. 


When your goods are customs cleared, for Less than Container Load shipments (LCL), the Importer has an option to pick up the goods at the CFS warehouse directly, or to hire a drayage trucker to pick up and deliver to them.

Upon customs clearance, our clearing agent will inform you of the CFS warehouse pick up location, and have the option to use trucking and delivery services. Trucking and delivery services are available for all US Ports and locations in the United States.   

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