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Live ISF Filing Form Online

ISF Filing Requirements

1. ISF is required for goods on ocean vessel.

2. ISF must be filed 24 hours before goods are loaded onto foreign vessel. 

3. Late ISF Filings past 24 hours must still be filed with CBP.

Revisions & Updates to ISFs already filed

1. Please contact us if you need to revise or correct any ISF Filings submitted. 

2. The first revision is free and any other additional will be at $50 per revision. 

3. Revising Importer Tax ID #'s are not allowed. If incorrect tax id is used, the ISF will need to be deleted from CBP, and re-file a new ISF. 

What to Expect Upon Submission of Live ISF Form

1. Upon submission of the Live ISF Form, a payment window will open for you to submit payment for the ISF Filing. 

2. A copy of what you have submitted for the ISF Filing will be emailed to you for your records.

3. Within 4-6 hours you will receive the CBP ISF Filing confirmation.

4. If confirmation receipt is not received within this time frame, there may be missing or additional information required. An ISF Specialist will contact you, or you may call 1-844-ISF-FILE to check status. 

ISF Penalty Guidelines 

1. Late ISF Filings are subject to $5,000 CBP penalty.

2. Do not load message may be sent by CBP to overseas to prevent goods from shipping if ISF is not received 24 hours before loading of vessel. 

3. CBP may flag goods for customs examination upon arrival to port. Cost of examination will be payable by the Importer before release of goods is authorized. 

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