For Canadian or Foreign Importers who wish to import into the United States, a valid Tax ID # is required to be declared to U.S. Customs for each shipment. This Tax ID # is the basis for U.S. Customs to identify you as the Importer in their system in regards to the ISF Filing,...


With the recent Lockdowns imposed by some of the largest port states in the U.S. such as California and New York, one of the commonly asked questions is can I still import from overseas, and how does the Lockdown affect my usual operations in importing. 

Most states derive the t...


Similar to the ISF 10+2 Filing which is required for U.S. Importers for goods into the United States. The ISF-5 filing is required for Foreign Importers which goods are either FROB (freight remaining on board) which makes a stop at the U.S. before their final destination of arr...


If you have purchased goods from an overseas seller which arranged your goods to be shipped by ocean vessel, yes you will need to file the ISF 24 hours before loading of goods to be compliant with US Customs. 

The ISF Filing is also called the Importer Security Filing, or ISF 10...


Importing cars, trailers or other non road vehicles into the United States still requires the ISF to be filed. If your car or vehicle is shipped on a RORO vessel, the latest time to file your ISF is 24 hours before arrival if your carrier has obtained special exemption for this...


Planning on buying from Alibaba or other e-Commerce websites? Make sure you know the basic requirements to import goods into the U.S. before making the payment to your seller to ship the goods. Shipping from Alibaba to the United States can either be a easy process or a headach...


ISF Bonds are required for each ISF Filing by CBP as a measure to enforce and levy any fines and penalties which may be issued to the Importer of Record for any late or erroneous ISF Filings. ISF Bonds are non refundable financial instruments provided by a surety bond company t...


For Importers who have received a Bill of Lading from their seller. Many would like to know if this can be used for their ISF Filing, instead of the ISF Info Sheet. The answer to this question is yes and no. While the Bill of Lading does show alot of detail regarding the shipme...


If you have received a document from your seller with the word ISF on it, this would be the ISF Info sheet. This document contains vital information for your ISF Filing. At times this document may contain excessive characters which are not translated and make it difficult for I...


The ISF Filing is a formal submission to CBP which is vital to Homeland Security and Border Protection. For all importations into the US, CBP identifies all Importers either by their Business EIN Number, or Social Security Number as the Importer of Record. The Importer of Recor...

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ISF Info Sheets from China: How to Use and Decipher

December 4, 2017

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