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ISF Mitigation Services

Importers who have received a penalty notice from US Customs for late ISF Filing are allowed to reduce the fines issued via a formal request for Mitigation with CBP Fines and Penalties department.

If you have received a Notice of Penalty from CBP, please contact us regarding our ISF Mitigation Services. Proper representation of your case is required to be submitted to CBP for their consideration of reducing the fines issued.

Our ISF Mitigation services can help you lower your penalty amount, especially if the circumstances for late filing was beyond your control in which your seller or shipper provided documents to you late or in error. 

ISF Mitigation Fees:

Importer's First Violation: $250 for ISF-FILING.COM clients, $500 for clients who filed ISF through third party

Importer's Second and Subsequent Violations: $400 for ISF-FILING.COM clients, $650 for clients who filed ISF through third party

ISF Mitigation Reductions

1. First Violation- The liquidated damages claim $5,000 may be cancelled if payment of $1000-$2000 is presented to CBP with the factors of which caused the late filing is deemed acceptable.

2. Second and Subsequent Violations - The second and subsequent fines issued by CBP may be cancelled if payment of $2,500 is presented if determined no law enforcement goals are compromised. No relief will be granted if CBP determines law enforcement goals were compromised.

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