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  • What if my ISF Filing is late, will there be any penalties?"
    If your ISF is not filed within 24 hours of loading the goods onto the vessel, your ISF is considered late, and must be filed immediately. The assessment of ISF penalties varies by the port of entry in which each case is reviewed by a customs officer.
  • How long does it take to receive the ISF Filing confirmation from CBP?
    After submission of your ISF Filing, you should receive the filing confirmation within 4-6 hours.
  • Do you charge extra for New Importer Registration?
    No, there is no separate charge for New Importer registration, we help input your new Importer identity at the same time we enter your information to file the ISF.
  • What proofs of ID do I need if importing as an Individual?
    For Individuals, copy of your Drivers License/ or State ID is required. CBP also requires additional proof of Social Security number as this will be your identifier for the ISF Filing. Proof of SS#, the Importer may provide a document that correlates your name and address to the SS#, such as copy of your W2, Tax Return, or Social Security Card.
  • Does the $95 ISF Filing include the ISF Bond?
    Yes, our ISF Filings included the ISF-D Bond with the filing. This will cover all types of ISF Filings which includes Late or Arrived Shipments.
  • Why is proof needed for my Social Security number?
    Proof of SS# is required to prevent identifty theft of using another person's SS# which is not their own, and also for CBP to access any fines, penalties or damages to the correct party.
  • How do I update or revise the ISF Filing that is already submittted?
    For ISF's that are already filed. Please contact us by phone or email with the changes needed. An ISF Filing Specialist will assist you in updating your ISF and is free for the first revision. Additional revisions after the first will be accessed at $50 per update
  • Is the Bill of Lading required for the ISF?
    The Bill of Lading is not required to file the ISF as long as you have the ISF info sheet and Invoice. If you have the Bill of Lading please this would be useful to us to verify any info that is not clear on the ISF info sheet.
  • What if seller did not provide the ETD?
    If your seller did not provide an ETD on the ISF info sheet, you may leave this blank on the Live ISF Form. With the AMS Bill of Lading numbers, we can query customs to add in for you in order for the ISF to go through.
  • What is HTS Code?
    HTS Code is defined as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule which is used by US Customs and the rest of the world to classify traded goods and to properly assign a tarrif or duty rate in which the Importer must pay to bring in goods from another country. HTS code in the U.S. contains 10 numerical digits.
  • What if the seller did not provide me the HTS code?
    If you do not have the HTS Code from your seller, you may use the HTS Code Finder in our website, or you may email, call or live chat with us to help find the code which belongs to your goods. You may also list the product description of your goods if unknown. We can help you determine after submission.
  • What is a Customs Power of Attorney?
    The Customs Power of Attorney is the authorization from you as the Importer which authorizes us to file on your behalf to CBP.
  • Is customs clearance service avaiblable after my ISF is filed?
    Yes, customs clearance service is available after your ISF is filed. Upon completion of your ISF Filing, clearance information and guidance will be provided on the ISF confirmation email you will receive.
  • After my ISF is filed, how do I pick up my goods?"
    Once your ISF is filed, our customs clearing agent will work with you personally to clear customs and to advise you where the pick up location is. Trucking services is also available which the clearing agent can provide you a quote for this service.
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