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We provide fast and reliable ISF Filing to stay compliant with CBP.  

ISF 10+2 Filing Online

Stay compliant with CBP, file your ISF today!

One flat rate, includes ISF Bond. 

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Required Documents 

1. ISF info sheet from seller

2. Invoice from seller

3. Bill of Lading (if available)

4. Proof of ID's required: 

$95 Flat Rate

                   - All: Drivers License or State ID person signing POA

                   - Individual / Sole Proprietor: SS Card, W2 or Tax Return

                   - Corporate: Articles of Organization or Proof of LLC 

                   - Partnership: Partnership or Member Agreement 

Proceed to ISF Web File  

When all your ISF documents and Proof of ID's are ready, proceed to file your ISF Online.

1. Click below to proceed with ISF Filing Online.

2. Submit completed Live ISF Form.

3. Make payment by Credit Card after submission.

4. Receive your ISF Filing order confirmation.

5. CBP notice of successful ISF Filing will be received within 4-6 hours by email.

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About the Importer Security Filing? (ISF 10+2)

Customs and Border Protection enacted and began full enforcement of the Importer Security Filing on July 9, 2013 as a protection measure to screen cargo imports destined to the United States before its arrival to safeguard the U.S from acts of terrorism or illegal activities. 

As a result the Importer is responsible to ensure it is submitted to CBP no later than 24 hours before goods are loaded onto the vessel destined to the United States. The Importer may appointment their Customs Broker or agent to submit the ISF Filing. 

Image of Fines and Penalty for ISF late filing
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Fines and Penalties past deadline.

The ISF Filing is required to be filed 24 hours before the goods are loaded onto the foreign vessel destined to the United States in order for customs and boarder protection to get your importing information. If past 24 hours, the isf customs is considered late and CBP will have the right to issue fines and penalty against the Importer and their bond in the amount of $5,000 for each violation, not to exceed $10,000 per shipment. In addition to the fines, CBP may hold cargo at the port terminal when arrived for customs exam in which the costs will be at the Importers expense for untimely filings.

Actions required for late shipments. 

Your ISF must be filed immediately even if your ocean cargo is late or cargo arriving to port. As the Importer you are legally responsible to ensure this is filed and will be up to CBP to determine any liquidated damages or further action if needed. For late shipments, it is up to the local port's decision to determine if any hold for examinations will be placed upon arrival or if any fines. For new Importers, CBP does take into account their inexperience and does give leniency for most shipments. 

Importer of Record Number Picture

Importer of Record Number

The importer of record is the entity or individual who is responsible for bringing the goods into the country, which is usually the same as the buyer or owner of the goods. U.S. Customs and Border Protection would identify this party the primary party responsible for all aspects of the shipment. The IOR can be a business entity or an individual and the primary identifier would be their Federal Tax ID which will either be the business EIN Number or SSN for individuals which will serve as the importer number. 

Learn More

Determining the IRS Number to use for your ISF Filing

The ISF Filing is a formal submission to CBP which is vital to Homeland Security and Border Protection. For all importations into the US, CBP identifies all Importers either by their Business EIN Number, or Social Security Number as the Importer of Record.

ISF Info Sheets from China: How to Use and Decipher

If you have received a document from your seller with the word ISF on it, this would be the ISF Info sheet. This document contains vital information for your ISF Filing. At times this document may contain excessive characters which are not translated and make it difficult for Importers to understand.

ISF Filing for Personal Household Goods

For individuals who are moving their personal belongings into the U.S. by ocean vessel, the ISF Filing requirement still applies to them, even-though their goods are not imported for commercial purposes.

Canada FROB

Canada FROB shipments in which the vessel either stops in a US Port, or have freight remaining on board (FROB) before making the final voyage to Canadian soil is now also subject to the ISF-5 Rule on March 15, 2019.

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Code of Federal Regulations
Faqs from U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Federal Register: Definition of Importer Security Filing
Importer ID Verification Requirement
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