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Congratulations! Your ISF Filing is successfully submitted. 

Once you receive your filing confirmation, you may go to "Verifying your ISF" section confirm your ISF.
How to Verify your ISF ?
1. ISF Transaction Number - Every ISF filed to CBP will have its own unique identifier. The ISF Transaction number is unique number generated by the US Customs ACE ABI Interface, in which confirms that the ISF is in their system. 
2. AMS Match - Each shipment of goods is identified by CBP from the Master & House Bill of Lading numbers issued by the Carrier. When the ISF Filing is transmitted to CBP, the Master and House Bill of Lading Numbers must match exactly as what the Carrier submitted to them in their system. If your ISF Filing contains numerical or alphabetical errors, the Bill of Lading numbers will not match CBP, and the ISF will be in pending bill match status. This means that your ISF is not successfully filed to CBP, and is in pending status. 
3. Customs ABI Status Message - In addition to the CBP ISF confirmation receipt, your email will contain the CBP ABI status message which indicates the information in their system. If successfully transmitted the letter "Y" will appear next to the "Importer Security Filing indicator". The "Y" indicates ISF was successfully filed. If indicator "N" appears, then it is not cleared yet or in pending status with No Bill on File. 

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